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Jorge Arslanian

I was born in October 8, 1976, Caracas, Venezuela

In my early childhood I moved to the east of the country, to Anzoátegui state. There, the beautiful beach of Puerto La Cruz stay by my side me for 33 years, until I made the decision to emigrate to the United States to expand my professional voice over career.
In my radio career I had the honor of entertaining my audience with the programs Contra reloj (Capital 91.5 FM, 2000), Más temprano que nunca (DCC 98.3 FM, 2002), El Skaparate (DCC 98.3 FM, 2002), Al oír el tono (Adulto Joven 99.5 FM, 2011).
In each of these spaces I have always carried an original style, with touches of irreverence, but without losing good taste and respect for my listeners. I was facilitator of speech courses in which I taught techniques to improve diction, breathing, reading and nuance of the voice. Currently I act as commercial voice of several brands and products inside and outside the United States.

I hope we can work together very soon.